Founded in 1994, the ancient pasta factory L’Antico Pastificio Umbro has its roots in the old handmade pasta tradition of the Umbria region and benefits from the knowledge of prestigious pasta factories in the 50’s and the 60’s. The traditional activity of the company is the production of handmade dried pasta in special shapes and made from eggs, only durum wheat, or also seasoned with vegetables, spices, mushrooms etc.

In 1999, the traditional activity branched out to the production of packaged rice and spices, until, in 2005, production came to include also seasoned couscous ready to be cooked.
The company activity is totally carried out in the production site of Foligno, over an area of about 900 m2, where two production lines are set up: one for pasta and the other for packaged dishes and spices. The factory was set up in 1997 and was then expended, thus including other spaces in 2001.
In 2011, a restoration improved the production site’s functional characteristics and minimised energy losses. The production and packaging site thus underwent insulation and modernisation interventions. A PLC control of the static drying process has been brought in, as well as a multiple sieve for the product pre-wrapping process.
All this led to obtaining the ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC certifications.
The production site currently houses a long and short pasta production line and two lines of packaging for pasta and packaged dishes (risotto, couscous) and spices.
The production site currently packages the following products: durum wheat semolina pasta, egg durum wheat semolina pasta, durum wheat semolina pasta seasoned with vegetables and spices, rice blended with vegetables and spices, spices and blend of spices, pulses, couscous blended with vegetables and spices, rice blended with vegetables and spices and also markets food products with its own brand.