The natural evolution of pasta

For almost thirty years, Antico Pastificio Umbro has been producing pasta according to the ancient traditions of Umbrian pasta-makers, drawing on the wealth of knowledge of prestigious pasta factories operating in Umbria since the ’50s and ’60s.The company started out by producing high-quality artisanal dried pasta in special shapes, made with egg or durum wheat semolina, and including varieties flavoured with truffle, porcini, spices etc.

In 1999, it branched out to produce risotto mixes and spices alongside its traditional offerings, further expanding its range, in 2005, to include flavoured cous cous mixes and packs of dried pulses, for everyday consumption and for Christmas.

Production is carried out at the company’s three production sites in Foligno, spanning a total area of approximately 3000 square metres.

The original premises at Via Lago di Fusaro was modernised in 2011, with a focus on reducing energy consumption, and just like thirty years ago when we started out, it is here that our long and short dried pasta is produced.

In 2015, production of our risotto and cous cous dishes, spices and pulses was relocated to the new warehouses located in the adjacent industrial area. Working from these new premises, we have further expanded our range to include a selection of quality flavoured oils.

As such, we currently produce: durum wheat semolina pasta; durum wheat semolina pasta with egg; durum wheat semolina pasta flavoured with truffle, porcini, vegetables and spices; packs of spices and spice mixes; packs of dried pulses; cous cous mixes with vegetables; risotto mixes; extra virgin olive oil-based condiments.

The entire business has grown, and the company has always strived to achieve the utmost quality in terms of flavour and product safety, obtaining and maintaining the highest possible BRC and IFS certification standards.

Since 2019, and with a view to continuing to improve efficiency and food safety at our premises, we began to move toward the smart factory model, connecting all our production processes to achieve a production approach that is rooted in tradition and guided by innovation.

With the environment in mind, we are putting virtuous processes in place to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, and we only use energy from renewable sources.



Internal organisation.
Certification and control.
All at the service of tradition
and the artisanal quality
of our pasta

Antico Pastificio Umbro S.r.l. – Via Lago di Fusaro, 9 – 06034 Foligno (Perugia) – Italy – P.IVA: 02065030542 – REA: CCIAA PG 176935 – Capitale Sociale € 20.800,00 i.v.