Only the best handed down by Umbrian master pasta-makers

Artisanal production, based on the ancient secrets of the traditions of our land

A region that has been producing artisanal pasta for centuries

Umbria is among the Italian regions with the deepest connection to its artisanal, farming roots. This includes the line of master pasta-makers who, since the beginning of the last century, have established a veritable artisanal pasta-makers’ “school”, worthy of serving as a point of reference for all of Italy. Its farming roots have let this region to develop an approach that makes maximum product quality an absolute priority, while remaining true to tradition. The quality of the ingredients produced in this verdant, farming-rich area, the intimate knowledge of the secrets of the land, and the processing techniques used combine to create a unique formula, which gives rise to exceptional food products.

The region’s history as a traditional farming area, and the practice of working with fruits of the soil, have given rise to an artisanal approach that is always focused on achieving excellent quality products.


It is against this backdrop that our pasta factory was founded, at the foot of Mount Subasio between Assisi, Perugia and Spoleto. Our production processes are inspired by traditional methods employed by Umbrian pasta-makers as far back as the beginning of the last century, and given a new lease of life in the ’80s thanks to Fernanda Mariottini, shown as a young girl in the wheat fields tended by her family on the hills between Spello and Assisi. Our family has been involved in farming since the days when manual labour was the main resource available, and our hills were dotted with freshly harvested wheat stacks and haystacks ready for winter.

Producing dried pasta was a natural evolution of this farming tradition. We began in a small workshop, moving in the early ’90s to the current premises, which was modernised and extended in 2003. Our current processes remain firmly rooted in tradition: bronze dies, wooden trays, bundles (nests) arranged by hand with artisanal skill, slow drying at a low temperature. All of this, combined with our region’s spring water, results in a rough, porous pasta that is perfect for capturing sauce, with an unmistakeable texture and flavour. Our pasta production is intended for a market very focused on the quality and authenticity of artisanal products and made up of consumers looking for the flavour of homemade pasta and rice dishes on the shelves of their favourite grocery store.

In over 25 years in business, our passion for food has led us to expand our range to include other exquisite offerings of Italian cuisine such as: risottos, spices, sauces, pulses and condiments. We have been involved in numerous innovative projects in the agrifood world, working closely with farmers to deliver quality from the field to the table, without losing any of the fragrance or flavours of our land.

Our current processes remain firmly rooted in tradition: bronze dies, wooden trays, bundles arranged by hand with artisanal skill, slow drying at a low temperature.


A history interwoven with Umbria’s own. The traditions of a unique land.
Pasta as it used to be made

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